Discovering, adventuring, bringing joy and helping others to succeed - that is my heart.

Welp, that's me over there in the picture on the left... jumping in the air. I meant what I said in the headline. I love discovering new things, finding adventure everyday, laughing off a rough day with good drinks and good friends, cracking jokes, and the thing I am most passionate about: helping others to succeed.

Adventure Standard has become an avenue for me to be able to combine all of my passions into one business and one mission. The subscription box is only the start and just one aspect of my adventure. I have more plans and ideas for awesome stuff in the future. 

Wanna join this journey with me?


A little about our mission…

This is for all women. Because every woman is a badass. We are for women who lead lives full of adventure, and also for those who hear the calling and the ache inside of their souls for more. For those who long to share their stories, and also for those who forgot about their dreams or forging new ones.

We want to inspire, encourage, and awaken women to the adventure that is within. We want to elevate the dreams, passions, and visions in every individual and help make it reality for every badass woman on the planet. Making the impossible, well... possible. 

It is our mission to give all women the tools and inspiration they need to explore, create, run wild, and answer the calling of adventure as the standard in their everyday lives.


Meet our team


You've already met me once...


Musician/Creative + Barista + Social Media Manager


Tri-Athlete + Trainer


In the beginning...

It's a pretty simple beginning, really. I was tired of walking into outdoor supply stores and not finding colors I wanted, or having to deal with gear-heads in order to find the harness that fit me best.

Sometimes women don't always want pink or purple t-shirts, with ugly floral designs. Why couldn't the designs be cool, unique, different and fun, all made with quality material? 

As I searched for products and gear that appealed to me, the birth of Adventure Standard happened... and I realized I was making a different standard... A much cooler women's standard :] 

Where we are today...

As I continued to talk about this with those around me, I realized I wasn't the only one who felt this way. A little group of us got together and started discovering the awesome designs and goods that are really out there, being made and sold locally, and/or online, by other women and other outdoor enthusiasts. We began to see how many really awesome things were being created, and how most people probably wouldn't hear about them. So we started buying and using these products ourselves. In this process, we found such joy and inspiration in all of it, and really, just felt SUPER cool. So we wanted to find a way to provide our discoveries to others.

We are constantly working to find awesome gear and quality products. We also love stuff that isn't JUST for outdoor use, but also for inspiration and connection. And more importantly, we want to hear your stories and share them with others.

Are you ready to join us on the journey?

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